Softwares of Puzzle
  • Hyperforma

    The Civilization of the past disappeared, leaving behind empty cities and the Ancient Web. After 256 years an anonymous user descends into its icy depths. He awaits you on a journey through empty...

  • Laser Quest
    Laser Quest

    Infinity Games brings you Laser Quest, an outstanding experience between the domains of extremely fun gameplay, evocative music, and minimalist visual art. Are you up to the mission? In Laser Ques...

  • Lungo

    Lungo is a difficult logic game that will put your logical thinking to the test. Playing this game is a great exercise for your logical thinking. Although the puzzles seem easy at first glance, you...

  • Noa Noa
    Noa Noa

    Welcome to Noa Inc, employee! Discover strange digital creatures with peculiar personalities and mysterious abilities: the Noas. Look for them, give them birth and raise them. Explore different set...

  • One Circle
    One Circle

    One circle is a puzzle game designed to challenge your mind! Join all the balls into a single ball, following the color rule and pass the levels. The game has about 80 different levels, all accom...

  • Unmemory

    READ. PLAY. LIVE THE MYSTERY. unmemory lives at the intersection of literature and play. You will need to read to overcome challenging puzzles and progress through a suspenseful story as the image...

  • Sports City Tycoon
    Sports City Tycoon

    Sports City Tycoon is a simulation game in which sports management is combined with financial investments so that you make a profit and become a capitalist millionaire. Become a millionaire, billio...

  • Maze Machina
    Maze Machina

    Maze Machina is a turn-based sliding puzzle. In Maze Machina you play as a little hero trapped by the evil Automatron in his ever-changing mechanical labyrinth. Imprisoned for the fun of the Auto...

  • Mazes & More
    Mazes & More

    Mazes & More is a classic maze / labyrinth puzzle with fun settings and surprises. Just slide your finger and guide the dot through the walls to find a way out and escape the maze. Minimal 2D graph...

  • Mekorama

    Help a little robot stumble home through 50 perplexing mechanical dioramas. - Relaxing game - Lovely robots - Collectible level cards - Diorama maker - Small installation size

  • Toon Blast
    Toon Blast

    WE WELCOME YOU TO THE MOST CARICATURISH AND FUNNY ADVENTURE PUZZLE! From the creators of Toy Blast, comes the ultimate puzzle game with endless possibilities and fun! Join the cartoonish world of...

  • I Love Hue
    I Love Hue

    I Love Hue is a relaxing journey into a world of color and perception. Rearrange mosaics made up of colored tiles to form perfect spectra. It has been created with love and care both for players wh...

  • Faraway 4
    Faraway 4

    Escape the totally new places in Faraway 4: Ancient Escape, full of puzzles and a fantastic new environment to explore. This escape room game will test your ability to solve puzzles and go on an ad...

  • Cube Escape
    Cube Escape

    After waking up in a haunting room with no recollection of his past, it won't take long for the infamous detective Dale Vandermeer to realize that he is part of a strange game orchestrated by an an...

  • Tile Master
    Tile Master

    Learn more about Tile Beautification Master : ◈The new version of Tile Beautification Master with simple rules and addictive gameplay: Match pairs of identical fruits or butterfly tiles (choos...