Softwares of Puzzle
  • Fruit Machine Deluxe
    Fruit Machine Deluxe

    Turn the wheel of fortune! Fruit Machine Deluxe brings slot machine entertainment in the palm of your hand. Spin the wheel, parala and push yourself to fortune in order to break the bank. Thanks t...

  • Step Word
    Step Word

    Step Word is a game that will test your knowledge of Castilian definition. You will face the most popular donut television. In the first phase of the game you must correctly answer a few questions ...

  • Marble Mania
    Marble Mania

    Marble Mania is the best puzzle game easy addiction adventure with strange characters and complicated puzzles, and is suitable for all ages. The protagonist Tumacacori the shocking appearance in th...

  • Invizimals

    Calling all hunters Invizimals ™! Keep all your cards well organized Invizimals ™ and enjoy with your creatures anywhere with this handy app that lets you view your Invizimals ™ battles scree...

  • City Island
    City Island

    If you liked the first game of Sim City, you will surely love this game in the same style! In City Island will build homes for your citizens, decorations and community buildings to make them happy....

  • Talking Angela
    Talking Angela

    Talking Join Angela in Paris, the city of romance and style. Make him a promise and treat her like a princess because she IS a princess. Talk to her, buy her gifts and choose your wardrobe. You can...

  • Baby Adopter
    Baby Adopter

    Adopt and feed a cute little baby! To eat, buy clothes, shoes and toys and take care. You have to feed your baby when hungry. The baby has to be with energy equivalent of 30. And do not let your ba...

  • My Horse
    My Horse

    Live the dream of owning and caring for your own horse and share the experience with your friends! TAKE CARE OF YOUR HORSE Cleans, nourishes and heals your horse to provide all necessary care. Crea...

  • Parcheesi

    The Parcheesi is a Spanish board game of the Cross and Circle family. It is an adaptation of the Indian game Parchisi ... OPTIONS: - You can save / load the game. - You can play against friends and...

  • Small Commander
    Small Commander

    The war has intensified, the tanks have taken the city, civilians are in danger! Take control and ends with the war!

  • Since I fall!
    Since I fall!

    NEW QUESTIONS! Since I fall is a game where you play your vs. 10 opponents, which must eliminate to win the top prize of € 100,000. To win the game you must overcome challenges posed ten ten riva...

  • Bublex Slice
    Bublex Slice

    Help the small sea creatures free of bubbles! Cut each bubble to pop and release each. But careful! Not all who are creatues is friendly and there are dangers lurking in the sea!

  • Fruit MachineGold
    Fruit MachineGold

    Fruit Machine Gold Game puts all the fun of slots your nimble hands. If you're ready to break the bank, make real your way to riches. The Fruit Machine Gold mobile game is realistic, habit forming ...

  • The Sanctuary
    The Sanctuary

    The Sanctuary is a game of adventure and hidden objects that offers a totally unique experience.

  • Maze Madness
    Maze Madness

    Controlling the steel ball through several wooden mazes. Use the accelerometer to guide the steel ball through this classic maze game.