Softwares of Puzzle
  • Twist Hit!
    Twist Hit!

    Fill the rings to plant trees and save the entire forest. How many trees can you grow? Hold to fill the ring. Beware of obstacles! Main features - Addictive game - Simple and satisfactory. - Fun ...

  • Roller Splat!
    Roller Splat!

    "Do yourself with this new and exciting puzzle game and free paint! Swipe up, down and around to roll an intense paintball by while you splash, slather and pintarrajeas a white canvas labyrinth as...

  • Grass Cut
    Grass Cut

    "Touch to mow the grass grown. Use the simple gameplay of a touch to trim the lawn, surfing the bridges and explore the wild world! Mowing the lawn has never been so pleasant. Break out within the...

  • Homo Evolution
    Homo Evolution

    "Homo Evolution: Origins of human beings Create your own world in the best clicker human development. It combines two people for a new way of life most modern and populated the planet with various ...

  • Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!
    Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

    "Hopper Beat: Rhythm Bouncing Ball is one of the many ball games that combine fast-paced game with high-quality musical rhythm, like piano and guitar. This game will create a new experience for lov...

  • Idle Theme Park Tycoon
    Idle Theme Park Tycoon

    "Are you ready to run the amusement park World's Funniest? Manage your amusement park and become the richest manager! Start with a small park and works hard to make it big. Opens new attractions ...

  • Polysphere

    "Polysphere is a new puzzle game that trains your brain. Swipe to rotate the puzzle until you see a complete picture. Immerse yourself in a new 3D puzzle experience! Relax and enjoy the masterpiece...

  • Farm Bubles
    Farm Bubles

    "Funniest shooter game bubble, now in a more entertaining farm! Download now and start shooting bubbles on the farm and enjoy farm life! Never get tired of shooting bubbles on a farm with animals!"

  • Tiny Bubles
    Tiny Bubles

    Winner of more than a dozen awards! Play with fluffy piles of soap bubbles in this new and hypnotic puzzle game. Inflates, mixing, busting and win with hundreds of fun goals to complete.

  • Magical Bubble Shooter Puzzle
    Magical Bubble Shooter Puzzle

    POP bubbles and helps Alice to rescue the kittens trapped the evil dragon in Bubble & Dragon! Work your way through increasingly challenging puzzles and frees the evil cats, piece by piece, joins a...

  • Bubble Puzzle
    Bubble Puzzle

    "A bubble shooting more interesting and addictive game! Aim, fire and begin an exciting adventure Bubble! How to play: 1. For group 3 or more bubbles to popping 2. Use the limited bubbles to compl...

  • Bubble Shooter
    Bubble Shooter

    "Fun and addictive bubble shooting game! Another classic bubble match-three game come to Google Play. Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up, and try to get 3 stars on each level."

  • Sand Balls
    Sand Balls

    Make a path for your ball moving your finger. Avoid obstacles and crashing. Get as many balls as you can to finish.

  • Pocket World 3D
    Pocket World 3D

    ""Pocket World 3D"" is an educational game very simple and fun puzzles based on the construction of three-dimensional dioramas. Each of the dioramas shows one of the most famous corners of the plan...

  • Pimp My Car
    Pimp My Car

    The game softest of all! Incredibly ""addictive"" and ""satisfactory"" Cover the first car with foam, then clean with water. Negotiate with buyers and try to sell these cars at the best price! Ear...