Softwares of Arcade
  • Death Trap
    Death Trap

    Find a gap between two logs where you are safe from crushing. Race against time, but that is not your only enemy. You face various traps that await you continually. Logs that are separated, sharp s...

  • Dragon Run
    Dragon Run

    Help the dragon Wu to go through the mountains beyond, directing their movements and using gravity. Collect all the coins and prizes you can so that Wu be even bigger and stronger. Your goal is to ...

  • Suzies Sushi House
    Suzies Sushi House

    Once upon a sunny day, Suzie is walking down the street and run into a sushi house. From that day on, Suzie's greatest dream is to own a successful sushi house. 10 years later started her first sma...

  • Soccer Run
    Soccer Run

    The soccer training can be a good boredom. Who would like to run around all the time? Training can also become boring fun part of training. Convince you about it in the game. Have fun and help your...

  • Moorhuhn Deluxe
    Moorhuhn Deluxe

    Very funny game, it's kill chickens that are appearing on the screen.

  • 2 in 1 Fruity Fun
    2 in 1 Fruity Fun

    Fruit Machine Deluxe: 4 - 6: move left/right; 2 - 8: move up/down; 5: press selected button; 1 - 3: press hold buttons; 4: press spin button; Left function key – back in the menu; Right function ...

  • Farm Attack
    Farm Attack

    Su planeta se muere de hambre. Se le ha enviado al planeta Tierra, con el fin de secuestrar a varios tipos de animales. Para secuestrar un cierto genotipo, es necesario poner un mínimo de 4 animal...

  • Super Dog Deluxe
    Super Dog Deluxe

    This game is very fun and enjoyable. It is an adventure game you will be addicted to it.

  • Fruit Casino Slot Machine
    Fruit Casino Slot Machine

    Fruits Slot Casino is a 3 reel slotmachine game. This machine of a classical with modern graphics, for anyone who loves classic slots.

  • Ben 10: Ultimate Defender
    Ben 10: Ultimate Defender

    The evil Aggregor is trying to become all-powerful by absorbing the powers of other aliens. He is also attacking your friends Kevin and Gwen with their robots. Protect your friends and stop Aggrego...

  • Ben 10: Power of the Omnitrix
    Ben 10: Power of the Omnitrix

    Transform into aliens and fight against an army of robots, mutants and forever knights in this action-packed game.

  • Brawl Stars
    Brawl Stars

    Frantic multiplayer battles from the creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach. Fight together with your friends or alone in a variety of game modes of less than three minutes. Unloc...

  • Super mario Run
    Super mario Run

    A new Mario game that you can play with one hand. Mario advances without stopping for each level. Touch the screen to perform spectacular maneuvers, jump from wall to wall, collect coins and reach...

  • 2 2

    Did you like You will love! Conquer all the territory you can and win the competition. A gentle drawing experience!

  • The Trail
    The Trail

    The Trail Join our pioneers on a long journey to the unknown. Take a trip to the city of Eden Falls. Explore, manufacture, collect, trade, discover, settle and build. The latest game by Peter Mol...