Softwares of Utilities
  • EZ Trader
    EZ Trader

    Our mobile application allows you to take part in exciting binary options scene anytime, anywhere! A simple concept of fair trade became even more simple! Just select from over 80 financial assets ...

  • Dog Whisrtle
    Dog Whisrtle

    Do you have a dog? Dog Whistle can train your dog! Whistle when the dog does something wrong. Teach your dog new tricks, without barking and better behavior! Can also be used as anti dog repellent ...

  • Whatsapp Plus
    Whatsapp Plus

    WhatsaApp plus is the evolution of the famous WhatsApp Are you addicted to WhatsApp? Like most people, chances are you're also hooked. Since there are many users of this recently purchased by Faceb...

  • Phone Light Pro
    Phone Light Pro

    You need to light your way or anything else? The Phone Light Pro application can easily with such situations.

  • Led Light Pro
    Led Light Pro

    This very simple and easy to use application. You can turn on / off flashlight with just one click.

  • Flip-a-Coin

    Flip a Coin: Heads or Tails Heads or Tails? Flip a coin and find out. Now you'll always have your very own coin in your pocket to flip. Get your free copy today!

  • First Aid
    First Aid

    What if there is an accident? What if someone breaks his arm, remains unconscious or even stop breathing or your heart stops beating? You know what to do?

  • Fast Light Pro
    Fast Light Pro

    This very simple and easy to use application. You can turn on / off flashlight with just one click.

  • Battery Saver Plus
    Battery Saver Plus

    Battery Saver Plus is simple and easy to use, will help to save battery and prolong its life. By optimizing your phone settings and search applications that drain power on the device, the smart sav...

  • FB Notifier Pro
    FB Notifier Pro

    Never miss important notifications from your favorite pages !! FB Notifier Pro lets you track your favorite contacts without going into Facebook. features: .- Ease of use. .- Keep up to date with t...

  • Android file explorer
    Android file explorer

    Manage your files and keep order in your android devices. One of the best file managers out there, find and manage all your files without problems. Multiple functions that will make life easier.

  • Best Weather Life
    Best Weather Life

    Find out the time that will live minute by minute. Do not let the weather surprise you and change you plans! The best application to know what the weather will live, weekly forecasts. Now you wil...

  • Breath Test Calculator
    Breath Test Calculator

    Breath Test Calculator allows you to calculate the concentration of alcohol in blood. Before you put the wheel performs the breathalyzer test on your phone and make sure you can drive safely. Che...

  • GPS Altimeter
    GPS Altimeter

    Use GPS Alimeter to know how high these the sea level. Great application for adventurers who want to reach the top with the best tools in your hands. The best utility for hikers, recommended for a...

  • My data usage
    My data usage

    Manage your consumption data used with My Due Usage, the easiest and most efficient way to control how much data you've consumed and how many you have left to enjoy. My Data Usage to always have t...