Softwares of Entertainment
  • Buttman

    If you fart next to the flowers, do not use this app! :-) "Buttman, the speaking ass", I think that's already said everything about this app. Do not forget to leave your suggestions to improve the ...

  • Cocktail Mixer
    Cocktail Mixer

    It contains all the classics, seasonal drinks and the best mixes new on the scene, everyone is guaranteed to delight your palate. Cocktails are degraded by name, ingredients, glass types and measur...

  • Dream Interpretation Gold
    Dream Interpretation Gold

    The Interpretation of Dreams Gold twe explains, in detail, the meaning of your dreams. The great variety of symbols included in the interpretation of dreams will help you discover the meaning of yo...

  • Drunk Reflexes
    Drunk Reflexes

    Fare ye big with Drunk Reflexes! How fast are from when you are drunk? Comprobad your reaction time, you demonstrate how fast you can react when you are drunk. Alone or with a friend. Cattle Beer C...

  • Erotic SMS for Her
    Erotic SMS for Her

    Seduce your boyfriend using a erotic message! Light a spark, fuels the fire and discover a new art to seduce! Tell your boyfriend one of the many posts available and be amazed with your response. Y...

  • Erotic SMS for Him
    Erotic SMS for Him

    Want to seduce your girlfriend and do not know how? How about sending a message erotic? Send one of many messages to your girlfriend and be amazed with your response. You'll be surprised.

  • Flirt

    The guy / girl you like is there and do not know how to talk? Have a special appointment and do not know how to dress?A Flirt! We give you the answers! Top tips on how to dress and how to make conv...

  • Match Test
    Match Test

    Are ye on each other or your simply not going to work?The couple test tells you!

  • Love Dice
    Love Dice

    Do not dare to make your innermost desires? Want to stimulate your love life a little something asleep?Love Dice will realize your wildest dreams! Be inspired and have fun with your partner greatly.

  • Sports FanSound Box
    Sports FanSound Box

    Want to have fun, entertain your friends or play with your child? Sport Fan Sound Box is an application full of different sounds such as: clapping, crying, vuvuzela, etc.. A Sports Fan fun with Sou...

  • Wicked Cartoons
    Wicked Cartoons

    Part of Wicked Cartoons laugh with, you can not stop laughing, the funniest app for your Android


    The game comes to mobile as you've never seen with MARK. A novel app, very attractive and easy to use. Enjoy all the excitement of the best live sport, the most complete, the opinion of the great j...

  • Polish Press
    Polish Press

    The latest news from the Polish and the world. Efficient, functional and ergonomic to use web press Polish reader (RSS), which saves you time and transfer. The program provides a clear message tha...

  • Free Sound Fart
    Free Sound Fart

    FunnyFart : This is an application to create funny jokes and hilarious situations . With this application you will be able to joke farts ringing your phone. Only select an option from the combo and...

  • My Boy!
    My Boy!

    My Boy! is a super fast emulator to run GameBoy Advance games on the widest range of Android devices, from very low-end phones modern tablets. It offers the complete experience for you GBA handheld.