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The most popular karaoke soft of internet, now on your PC.

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8.14 MB
Free (GPL)
- OS: Win95, 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, NT, XP, 2003

UltraStar is a computer game that emulates the popular karaoke game SingStar for the PlayStation platform. UltraStar allows one or more players score points by singing a song, matching the notes and lyrics of the original song. The tone is displayed in blue, and you have to fill the lines. The better the tone, the more points are achieved. The game allows several people to play at a time by connecting multiple microphones to a sound card. The game allows you to add other songs, through folders containing music, lyrics, videos and the notes of the song. These folders can be downloaded over p2p programs such as Ares or eMule. The game brings the demo of the song Superstar, by Jamelia

This game has more followers every day thanks to the karaoke is a very widespread among people, a form of entertainment or amusement or for other users is the dream of being a singer for a while. UltraStar is easily configurable and with a very simple and intuitive interface for the user.

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