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Trivial Pursuit


World's most famous Q&A game.

Trivial Pursuit: Genius Edition - Download 1.597

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11.12 MB
- Processor: 700 MHz or higher (1.2 GHz recommended)
- 128 MB RAM (256 recommended)
- 32 MB VGA (128 recommended)
- DirectX 8.1 (DirectX 9.0c recommended)

Created in 1979 by Scott Abbott and Chris Haney, Trivial Pursuit is possibly the most popular questions and answers game in the world. The adaptation to the computer is excellent and allows us to play in several ways, either solo or against other players on the same computer.

The object is to get a "triangles" for each category, an award that we get if we are lucky to fall into one of the special boxes and answer the question correctly. The player that first gets all the "triangles" wins. When we play alone, we are given five lives, which are subtracted for each question answered incorrectly. If we get all the "triangles" before running out of lives, we win. In each question we have a time bar, meaning that the faster we reply, the more points we add. In time trial mode, we are applied a penalty and a life is deducted from us if we exceed the time limit for responding.

The rules are simple and very interesting, although they're different from the board game as we know it, giving it a new and improved air that will keep us entertained for hours even though we're playing solo.

The database features over 2000 questions in total, so the possibility that a question be repeated is remote.

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