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Stellarium 0.10.2 - Download 0.10.2

Download Stellarium 0.10.2

40.92 MB
Free (GPL)
- Operating System: Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, Linux / Unix, MacOS X 10.3 or higher
- 3D graphics card with OpenGL support
- 256 MB RAM, 1GB or more for the bigger star catalogs.
- We recommend a darkroom to appreciate the totality of stars.

Stellarium is an open source project that allows us to turn our PC into a complete virtual observatory. It calculates the position of the sun and moon, planets and stars and draws a map of what the sky would look like from the user's position depending on their location and local time. It also allows us to see constellations and simulate astronomical phenomena such as meteor showers and lunar / solar eclipses.

Stellarium can be used as a teaching tool or for astronomy enthusiasts who want to observe the night sky, finally for those of us who are simply curious, is a source of entertainment.

We should note that the high graphics requirements of this program are mostly due to its realism, reason why Stellarium is often used in professional circuits projections or astronomy magazines.

While a program is in development stage, given its open source and collaboration of many professionals, improvements are rapid.

Who does not like to watch the sky? Download Stellarium now and start to unravel the mysteries of the universe without leaving your PC.
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