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Connection & Internet Phone

Free calls: It’s what Skype is made for.

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Connection & Internet Phone
1.58 MB
System requirements:
- SO: Windows 2000, XP or Vista
- Broadband internet connection
- speakers and microphone
- 1 GHz processor
- 256 MB RAM
- Webcam for videocalls

Skype is a software created to make phone calls using our connection to the Internet (VoIP). Between Skype users, calls are always free, but Skype also allows us to call conventional phones (with different rates depending on the destination country). We can also call mobile phones in most countries, in short: we can call almost any phone in the world.

The interface is very similar to other instant messaging software such as Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger, and the same way that Skype allows us to use an internal chat system through which we can also share files.

But Skype is not limited to voice calls: it also allows us to make video calls and conferences. The difference between them is that a video call will have only two participants: the calling party and called party. on the other hand, a conference will consist of multiple participants.

New Skype version
- Now we can make videocalls in conference, ie, a multi-party video call. This function is vital in these times that telework is so common at international levels.

Communicate easily and economically with Skype! Download it now from our servers quickly and securely.
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