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Study the skeleton in 3D.

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3D Skeleton is a rather specialized computer program. This is a free software for medical students and/or lovers of the bony anatomy of the human being to study. It is useful for watching and understanding the structure of the bones of the human body.

Watch closely at the tremendous amount of bones that make up the human body, their names, their importance and their parts. The significance of learning these bones is crucial for medical students and sometimes the books tend to be inefficient. So this program is an ideal complement.

Computer simulation has been very fashionable in recent years, and today is a practical reality that we all can make use and efficient tools available to work, understand and study like this 3D skeleton freeware.

Thanks to the three dimensional display, we can see angles and areas of the skeletal system that we can not see even using scale models.

Besides all this, the software has a set of questions, recognition of bone parts, details and extras that make the study much faster and more efficient.

Anatomy made easy. Download it now from our servers quickly and safely.
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