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- OS: Win98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP

Electronic Piano 2.5 is a freeware that allows us to play and combine musical notes, chords and percussion sounds using only the computer keyboard.

Although this is not a professional software, Electronic Piano 2.5 does not require prior knowledge of MIDI technology, takes up little disk space and is easy to install and use. Among its main features we can highlight: 128 musical instruments available, 47 different drum sounds, the possibilities to recreate chords pressing a single key (chords can simulate the 6 strings of the guitar), combining the sound of up to 7 musical instruments and it allows us to select the eighth and the volume of the melody and chords.

It currently has support for Portuguese, English and Spanish, and the downloadable file includes a simplified version with Open Source, for those with some programming knowledge and wish to make any adjustments or modifications to the original program.

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