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Recipe management software with meal planning and dieting features.

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- O.S.: Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, NT, XP

Infostudio Team's Digital Cookbook is a great cooking software with a lot of features and capabilities. Digital Cookbook can perform nutritional analysis and help you plan and track your diets. You can print your own cookbook, export and import recipes and much, much more...

With Digital Cookbook you can easily store and organize your recipes in groups. Also, you can easily retrieve them from your local database using a powerful search engine. You can search for recipes by name, time needed for cooking, number of servings, or even by nutrients contained in them. When you find the recipe you want, you can print it. In fact, you can print multiple chosen recipes and thus make your own printed cookbook.

Every recipe can have detailed description, preparation instructions, list of ingredients needed for cooking and a picture of the final dish.

Download it now from our servers and start cooking healthy and delicious!
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