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Atlas Interactivo de Histología


Animates the study of cells.

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The Interactive Atlas of Histology is a project promoted by the Department of Morphology and Cell Biology at the University of Oviedo, open to all collaboration and continuous development.

Its aim is to create a collection of histological images as wide as possible, with free access and dissemination and its free for anyone interested in cells study and enjoyment.

The atlas consists of images, a Java application and a database. It is possible not only to display the images as an usual atlas, but is also possible to perform simple and complex queries, conduct the study and systematic analysis of each preparation, etc ...

The Atlas can be used interchangeably in three types of environments:

- Local individual system.
- Through the local network.
- Via the Internet.

Enjoy studying cells with the Atlas of Histology. Download it from our servers quickly and securely.
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