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Watch your home or office while you are away.

Active WebCam 11.0 - Download 11.0

Download Active WebCam 11.0

11.61 MB
- Processor 2GHz or higher
- Operating system Windows XP, Vista
- 1GB RAM (2GB recommended)
- 10GB of free space on hard drive
- Color Monitor
- Mouse

Active WebCam captures video at 30 frames per second from any video device, be it USB, analog cameras, video cameras and IP network cameras, also allowing the transmission of these images through the author's own web server so we can receive and view them in any web browser.

The utilities of this software are many but the most important are related to security, since we can use in homes, offices or businesses where we have a camera, then we can see, in real time from anywhere in the world, what is happening there.

Active Webcam has a useful feature that detects motion, and we can program whatever we want it to do if it happens that it captures activity: for example, sound an alarm, send text messages to our cell phone, email images taken from video, start transmitting over the Internet or simply record what happens in AVI or MPEG format.

Once we have our video ready, Active Webcam allows us to edit and adjust images as our need requires: we can add text, overlaying logos, stamping the date and time, rotate, enlarge, shrink and crop what we want to see in detail.

Now we can leave our home or office comfort knowing they're being watched. Download it now and do not worry when traveling!
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