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"Enjoy playing golf in a different way! Form team and challenge your friends or play online against other golfers to lead the standings.

Play in fields most imaginative designs, personalize your golfer and fill your golf bag with various enhancers, such as sticky balls, balls or laserballs Granada.

In Supergolf you can play career mode hilarious Super Stickman Golf successful saga, but in a completely different way. Whoever does win first hole without traps or delays. Here what counts is how fast!


- Unlocks over 75 avatars and customize their appearance with lots of funny hats.
- Forma team to play friendly matches, get yourself your own marker team and chat with other golfers.
- Domina enhancers that have multiple levels of improvement.
- Refine your skills with the bat to suit your playing style.
- Enjoy viewing parties around the world live."

Golf Blitz

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