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"Videoshow - Editor Free Videos: Recommended by Google Play in 161 countries ??
Ranking first among the free apps to edit and produce videos, slides and movies for phones and tablets Android in many countries. The choice of 400 million people!

- People around the world -
Videoshow is among the most powerful video editing and drawing applications slides in the world. It is used frequently to create and share videos among users of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

-- All in one --
We are dedicated to creating an all-in-one video editor for those who need a good tool to develop #DontJudgeChallenge videos, sync,, Vine, dubsmash with their cell phones. We offer themes, music, filters, emoji and many other delicious things you'll need to make your own wonderful video. The application contains useful functions: cropping, compression, conversion MP3, etc.

- Exclusive Innovation -
- Dubbing video. Add your own voice or music effects we offer to create a fun video.
- Scribble on your videos. Already you bored by monotonous sources? Scribble! It is very easy and intuitive!
- Increase and decrease. Let your viewers focus on the area you wish to highlight!

- Box instruments -
- Ultra Powerful Cut: cut the unnecessary parts of the video.
- Fast Trimming: trim your video immediately.
- Video compression: reduce the size of the video.
- Video to MP3: Convert your video into MP3."


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