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Lara Croft: Relic Run


Run, drive and nothing in the skin of Lara Croft for spectacular but dangerous environments while discovering ancient relics to understand the truth and solve the mystery behind the conspiracy that threatens the world.

- Discover incredible locations as you move through the jungle, desert and mountains, all full of secrets and dangers.
- Use Lara's characteristic parkour movements to escape at the last second of certain death.
- He drives at high speed all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles that will give Lara new ways to dominate the terrain.
- Participate in epic clashes with bosses and defeat iconic enemies, including the infamous T-Rex!
- Progress through the map of the campaign to gather relics and unveil the mystery of Relic Run.
- Level up Lara's arsenal of weapons to get out alive with frantic fighting.
- Choose classic garments from Lara's wardrobe, each with its own advantages in the game.
- Exchange and update the team to improve Lara.
- Take advantage of your opportunities and accumulate great rewards in an infinite mode with fast-paced action.
- Win the right to show off in the leaderboards.

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- Compatible with devices that work with Android 4.4 and higher
- Game optimized for devices of 2015 and later generations
- Previous devices tend to work fine, but may have difficulty loading graphics
- Warning: the function of saving in the cloud is not available
- If you have any problems, please contact customer service so we can help you and try to solve it:

If you experience any problems when loading the application or perform the initial loading of a level, or any other difficulty related to the performance after a version update, perform the following steps to try to solve it:
* Check that you are online.
* Check that you have the latest version of the application.
* Close the application completely. Restart the application.
* Restart the device.
* Clears the cache.

Lara Croft: Relic Run

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