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Abdominal muscle training


This Fitness App offers you a scientific and efficient plan of abdominal muscle training. Tells him to burn fat and form abdominal muscles. You can do training at any time and anywhere in your home, you do not need anything device. It takes only a few minutes each day. After 28 days, you will get a sensual figure and firm abdominal muscles. Do not hesitate anymore, do it for now!

The efficient and safe abdominal muscles training course designed by professional fitness trainers.
The animal drawings that simulate real person.
The detailed description of the actions offers a simpler way to master this training.
Personalized alarm clock, remind you every day of your abdominal muscles training time.
Remember the calorie consumed and the whole proseco of training automatically.

Private fitness coach at home
This Autona fitness training app as your private trainer. With which they will release all the devices. You can perform abdominal muscle training anytime, anywhere. We promise you that it offers you the most professional instructions helping you to quit the meatiness. Let's burn calories now with this App!

Personalized training plan for abdominal muscles on women
This abdominal muscles training course is designed especially for women. Most women want to form a sensual body. Now, this abdominal muscles training app will help you realize your dreams. The difference between men and women has been considered a lot when designing the training course. We hope that all women who use this app can get a sensual figure, and it will benefit you much in removing the fleshiness as in strengthening six packages. When bored of doing domestic quehacers or being at home, please approve this fitness app.

Best solution to lose weight
The fitness app is too popular for now, with which you can do training at any time and anywhere in your home, you do not need anything appliance. We want to help women lose weight and obtain sensual abdominal muscles. It takes only a few minutes each day to do abdominal muscle training, in order to remove the flesh and strengthen six packages. We remind you every day to do abdominal muscle training and remember the calorie consumed.

Abdominal muscle training

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