Softwares of Customization
  • Broken Screen HD
    Broken Screen HD

    Broken Screen HD Pro uses to make jokes and pretend your phone screen just had an accident. A screen effect that simulates the breaking of the screen of your mobile phone. How to use: Broken Scre...

  • Beautiful Pets Wallpaper
    Beautiful Pets Wallpaper

    Wallpaper Beautiful Pets earliest application for your mobile. Customize your mobile with the best funds of the nicest pet of the moment.

  • Nature-HD-Wallpaper

    Natural HD Wallpaper application will put nature at your fingertips. Customize your mobile with the best funds of nature.

  • Ocean Edition HD wallpaper
    Ocean Edition HD wallpaper

    If you love the sea, Ocean Edition HD wallpaper is your application. Do you stay hours watching the waves break? HD wallpaper with Ocean Edition will enjoy the best images on your mobile devices.

  • Paraise HD Wallpaper
    Paraise HD Wallpaper

    If you like traveling, Paraise HD Wallpaper will make travel around the world. Enjoy the most wonderful and put them wallpaper sites. Share them with your friends and let them relive these dream ...

  • Skyline City Wallpaper
    Skyline City Wallpaper

    Admiring the silhouettes of the most important cities in the world. Skyline City Wallpaper makes it easy, customize your wallpaper with the best pictures and the envy of your friends. Enjoy your ...

  • Screen Lock Old Phone
    Screen Lock Old Phone

    Locks the screen in a classic style with Old Lock Screen Phone Protect your mobile device. To unlock your screen asking for a password and also with a vintage style. Customize your mobile to the ...

  • Wallpaper Gallery
    Wallpaper Gallery

    Wallpaper Gallery, customize your phone with your own pictures. Surely you've always wanted to customize your wallpaper with your best photos, now you just need to select the image you like and go...

  • Ascii Symbols
    Ascii Symbols

    Symbols, and TextArt Emoji keyboard, the only symbols keyboard and art and application image text highlight for Android! Send ASCII symbols or text art from the library to facebook, sms, mail, twit...

  • Android Drawing
    Android Drawing

    Drawing Android is a program to draw on devices with this operating system. Of course, it also has other functions, such as communication between people in a noisy area or quick notes.

  • Blacklist contacts
    Blacklist contacts

    This application both blocks unwanted calls and SMS, and helps manage a blacklist. It is very easy to use, takes very little space and consumes battery of your mobile device. If you are looking for...

  • Flower Live Wallpaper
    Flower Live Wallpaper

    With Flower Live Wallpaper you will enjoy wonderful valleys littered with flowers as animated background! Daisies, lilies, roses, lavender, sunflowers, tulips and many more types of flowers can now...

  • Great Wallpaper Changer
    Great Wallpaper Changer

    Great Wallpaper Changer will change the wallpaper automatically, it contains a large collection of wallpapers you sure you liked. Remember you can also use your favorite images.

  • Snowfall HD Wallpaper
    Snowfall HD Wallpaper

    Relax HD Live Wallpaper Snowfall around with lots of snowflakes falling in different beautiful animated landscapes. Customize snowflakes you want for the deterministic mining the direction, densit...

  • Ultra HD Wallpaper
    Ultra HD Wallpaper

    Get the best wallpapers! We have a large catalog of beautiful high-definition images. Easy to see and easy to set as wallpaper.