Softwares of Entertainment
  • Religion Finder
    Religion Finder

    It's not easy deciding on a religion and you need to mull deeply. Whether jedaísmo, voodoo cult, Germanic mythology, Rastafarian or one of the great religions, the Religion-Finder contains more th...

  • Love Match
    Love Match

    Find the affinity with your partner, love marriage is a perfect tool for discovering the affinity, the software calculate the score with zodiac signs, date of birth, the stars and the name!

  • Gun Arsenal
    Gun Arsenal

    Gun Arsenal Turn your phone into a strong Arsenal Gun. Pistols, shotguns, and automatic weapons all at your disposal. Cool Story immediately also supports timer service Owning fun to fool your frie...

  • Animal Sound Box
    Animal Sound Box

    Animal Sound Box is an application sounds of various animals such as chicken, dog, cat etc.

  • Dog Whistle
    Dog Whistle

    The dog whistle for you phone! With 5 different frequencies!

  • Fake call
    Fake call

    You do not know how to escape a bad date or other commitment boring? Use the Fake Call application.

  • Fart Mania
    Fart Mania

    You want to have fun, amuse your friends or embarrass them a little? Fart Machine is an application full of sounds, farting, farts, and mega farts like pe rapid, nuclear bomb, etc.

  • Meme Maker
    Meme Maker

    Do you like Memes? Generalos yourself with your mobile phone. With Meme Maker you can do. Have fun creating your own memes quickly and easily, and also with the most famous memes. Share your creat...

  • Daily Horoscope
    Daily Horoscope

    Receive every morning your daily horoscope in this fantastic application: - Easy to use with incredible graphics. - Share your horoscope by email. - Works without connection (you only have to conn...

  • Freaking Color Test
    Freaking Color Test

    Freaking Color Test is an entertaining game with a simple turn mechanics and hard to beat. Just to say in less than 1 second, what color is the written word on the screen. It sounds easy right? D...

  • Gps Find My Car
    Gps Find My Car

    .- Remember the GPS position of your car, hotel or any other place (with GPS). .- Show your current position and the position of the car on the map (or open an external application with GPS positio...

  • The Power Of MIND MAGIC
    The Power Of MIND MAGIC

    Use the power of your mind to surprise your friends. Fantastic application that will leave you with your mouth open, be captivated by the magic of the mind. Play now The Power Of Mind Magic, you l...

  • The Natural Numbers
    The Natural Numbers

    Learn Numbers and enjoy! Fantastic game of mental agility The game has 3 modes for all types of players: Children mode: This mode is designed for children who learn the numbers. The time is not l...

  • Bubble Wrap Droid
    Bubble Wrap Droid

    Relax breaking bubbles, breaks many as you want. If you are released or just want to enjoy the immense pleasure of breaking bubbles. With Bubble Wrap Droid you can do.

  • True Lies Detector
    True Lies Detector

    Want to know the truth? True Lies Detector will help you achieve This polygraph will tell you all the truth that you want to know. Scanning Enjoy your family or friends and catch them lying! It ...