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AV WebCam Morpher 2.0.23 - Download 2.0.23

Download WebCam Morpher 2.0.23

16.08 MB
- Microsoft Windows XP SP2 / Vista (32 bit)
- Full-duplex soundcard.
- 1600 MHz CPU or higher compatible processor.
- 512 RAM
- 45 MB hard disc space.
- Microphone and headphones (speakers).
- Web camera (optional).
- Latest version of DirectX and
- Latest drivers for your video card installed.

WebCam Morpher 2.0 is a fun software program that allows users to be creative in online activities by altering and controlling your webcam output in real time. You can control your image, voice, and background image, as well as apply audio and video effects to the webcam presentation. You can capture both outgoing and incoming webcam images, and easily share them with friends and others.

Users don’t even have to own a webcam; the program will simulate a webcam broadcast for you through nickfaces. Nickfaces are controlled by a popup panel to control gestures and expressions, giving the appearance of normal webcam motion. You can create your own nickfaces or use pre-made nickfaces (available on the website) to change your online appearance; instantly become Jack Sparrow, The Joker, even president Obama (NEW).

Background images can be changed in real time by using one of several preset images or by using your own prepared images (NEW).

WebCam Morpher 2.0 works well with many Video Instant Messenger applications like Yahoo Messenger with Voice, Skype, Camfrog, PalTalk Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, etc.

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