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Spotify Open (Free) 0.4.8 - Download 0.4.8

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- O.S.: Windows 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7
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In a world full of music, we have our preferred artists, we follow them, we buy their records, we share them with our friends, we look for new sounds that might thrill us.

Spotify makes the whole process a lot easier. And enjoyable.

once you installed and execute the client, we are taken to the main menu, where we can see a ranking with the most listened songs and albums, from there, it is up to us to take advantage of all the features of Spotify.

There are some geographical limitations for some artists, albums or songs, despite of this, it is highly recommended yo try it out.

First off, the quality of the songs is set in 160 Kbps (that is better than the average MP3 with 128 Kbps quality sound). For premium users the quality is set to 320 Kbps.

With other streaming players you will notice a certain delay when you move to the next song, or fast forward the song to another point in the track. This will not happen with Spotify, since its client takes advantage of the P2P network for streaming.

This is the free version of Spotify, where you get 20 hours to listen to online music. How mush is that? Well 20 hours is equivalent to listening to 25 albums or 300 tracks EVERY month! We will receive 5 additional hours every week starting 1 week from when we’ve registered up to a maximum of 20 hours.

If your streaming limit has been reached, then you have the option of switching to Premium or Unlimited or simply wait for your refill and in the meantime enjoy the music on your computer with the Spotify Open player.

If we liked a song we heard on Spotify we can share it with other users by making playlists or voting the song to make it climb the ranking, but we can also publish the song information on facebook, since the latest client for spotify allows us to integrate both accounts.

Spotify changed the way in which music is listened worldwide. Download it now from our servers and enjoy a whole new musical experience.
Soft4Click Com informs that Spotify Open (Free) 0.4.8 should be only used in accordance with the rules of intellectual property and the existing Criminal Code. The inclusion of any keygen, serial or crack is not allowed and disclaims any liability for the inappropriate use of this software. production