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P2P File Sharing

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P2P File Sharing
6.38 MB
- Operating system: Win2000, XP, Vista

Pando is a free program that makes P2P download, share, send and receive large files no longer a tedious task. If you need to send large attachments, share a folder or publish your downloadable videos on the web, this program is what you're looking for.

This program combines what would be a traditional P2P file-sharing among users, and a P2M, downloading files from an email server.

To check the difference between Pando and traditional programs, the only thing to do is testing it, so download it now from our servers quickly and securely and see for yourself.
Soft4Click Com informs that Pando should be only used in accordance with the rules of intellectual property and the existing Criminal Code. The inclusion of any keygen, serial or crack is not allowed and disclaims any liability for the inappropriate use of this software. production