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Hide IP Next Generation is a small program that runs in the background and hides data from our IP. These data can be captured by the web pages you visit and used to send advertising or spam to our mail.

Our IP number can also give information about our location, our provider, and more.

The navigation data will be encrypted and thus neither our ISP or network administrator can get our information.

A useful feature allows us to send mail anonymously from the most popular mail servers: Gmail, Hotmail, etc..

For those who work in SEO, changing the ip will allow you to see the results of the international search optimization campaigns as if viewed from other country, bypassing the selective results according to the source IP.

Protect your information with Hide IP. Download it now from our servers quickly and securely.
Soft4Click Com informs that Hide IP NG 1.58 should be only used in accordance with the rules of intellectual property and the existing Criminal Code. The inclusion of any keygen, serial or crack is not allowed and disclaims any liability for the inappropriate use of this software. production