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A new dimension to work with sound.

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9.93 MB
- Pentium III 800 MHz or higher
- 256 of RAM (512 recommended)
- 60 to 80 MB of free hard disk space for installation
- SVGA video card with support for a resolution to 1024x768 pixels
- Sound card 16-bit
- CD-ROM 40x
- Operating system Windows 2000 or XP
- CD

The "BPM Studio" opens a new dimension of digital sound processing based on MP3. BPM Studio was not developed in a software lab but in cooperation with professional DJs. The result is a combination of software and a remote control 19 ", capable of replacing conventional CDs.

The use of MP3 allows us to work audio CDs quality, but avoiding the tedious process of looking for a song. It also has innovative features made possible by the use of audio and PC. With the stability and versatility of BPM Studio everything is possible, from continuous music in department stores, environmental sound to restaurants to professional work and radio DJ.

All tracks are compressed and stored in MP3 format. Using the program, the songs are recorded on a computer hard disk and compressed to a tenth of its size in MP3 format.

Simply dragging the title, songs can be transferred to BPM Explorer lists of songs from the 2 players. There, they can be sorted, edited and saved as a group of songs, for easier handling of large numbers of songs. Optimized routines for sorting and searching tracks, providing access to the tracks in seconds.

Become a professional DJ now downloading BPM Studio from our servers quickly and securely.
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