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Take advantage of the freedom from cables that BlueTooth offers.

Blue Soleil 6.4.249 - Download 6.4.249

Download Blue Soleil 6.4.249

86.30 MB
- 600 MHZ processor or higher
- 128 MB RAM or higher
- Minimum resolution of 800x600
- Monitor: 16 bit color or higher.
- Bluetooth Adapter to send and receive the signal.

Blue Soleil is the most popular software for transferring signals between your devices with Bluetooth. The applications that we can achieve by using it are many, from transferring files from PC to your cell phone without using a single cable, music, make phone calls, surf the internet, transferring photos from our digital camera to PC, etc.

Always keep in mind that we must have devices with Bluetooth capabilities, but almost everything you can get at an electronics store, has built-in transmitter / receiver for Bluetooth signal. Just look for the registered logo and that’s it. If you cannot find it you can look for an adapter to connect to PC through your USB ports, there are many available on the market today.

It works perfectly in Windows 2000, XP and Vista, and there’s also a version for Linux.
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